Setup for iontocure machine

Before starting treatment, remove any jewelry from the target areas to avoid risk of electrical burns, redness or irritation

Step 1: Place one electrode into each tray

Step 2: Cover each electrode with a towel

Step 3: Connect the banana plug to each electrode while plugging the other cable end into the controller

Step 4: Carefully fill both treatment trays with enough tap water. Normally 500 ml (17 fl. oz.) per tray. Ensure that the sweaty skin surface intended for treatment is in contact with water. Use water between room temperature and warm (20-40 °C / 70-105 °F) according to user comfort

Step 5: Power on the controller, Select a current (Normally 4 to 6 mA) to begin your treatment

Step 6: Take your hands Or feet out of water after 10 minutes treatment. And put your hands or feet into the water again for another 10 minutes treatment. The device is designed to automatically alternate the current’s polarity once your hands or feet is out of water. There is no need to manually reverse the cables.

Note:Using a higher (but still comfortable) current will help you attain results faster. Treatment effectiveness can also vary from one individual to another.

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